We support our military in dealing with PTSD and other issues they face after combat, and upon re-entry to civilian life.


We want every soldier to come back from overseas in one piece, physically, mentally and emotionally. Our mission is to preserve and support the health of our troops so they can be thriving members of their families, communities and society in whole.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is considered to be an anxiety reaction to trauma of any kind. Simply put, PTSD is a set of problems that can occur after someone has experienced a terrible or stressful event. The symptoms of PTSD are many and are considered normal after experiencing a traumatic event; it’s been called “a normal reaction to abnormal events.” The victims of PTSD are many: the war-wounded, military veterans, people who have been assaulted, abused or injured, and those who have lived through a catastrophic event or a natural or personal disasters.

In dealing with PTSD there are no easy answers. Trauma touches us deeply. “It gets to the essence of being alive, in which things can go remarkably wrong, without reason for fairness,” as stated by the Seeking Safety model developed by Lisa M. Najavits. Our physical, emotional and psychological well-being pay the consequences for our PTSD experience, and many can feel a deep and relentless desperation to this disease.

The good news is that it is possible to heal from PTSD. We Got Your Six is focused on healing and safety for military persons and their families. Our programs are designed to help our clients develop trust and feel a sense of safety within their reality defined as a PTSD Sufferer.


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Michelle Reilly

Founder + President

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Michelle came to the United States as a young woman determined to make an impact. Hard work, perseverance, and a chance encounter led to an entrepreneur recognizing in her the qualities needed to be successful in any undertaking. Over the course of her marketing career, Michelle has worked with a diverse group of clientele. From start-ups and publicly traded companies, to sports celebrities, authors, and high profiled entrepreneurs, Michelle Reilly’s experience and expertise span multiple industries.

Spending time on both continents has given Michelle a one of a kind cultural perspective, and an exceptional understanding of what motivates people. European through and through, she's gained an inspiring appreciation for our US military after spending more than 15 years living in and loving the DC Metro area.


Lynda Sequeira

Lynda Sequeira is the Executive Manager and Co-Founder of DepthFinder, a premier international executive staffing and recruitment firm in the Washington, DC area, specializing in the placement of security and management professionals. Lynda comes to We Got Your Six with an extensive background in recruiting and placement, offering a particular interest in supporting our nation’s veterans. With over 16 years of experience in senior level recruiting, partnered with her powerful business network and passion for supporting our Military Service Members, Lynda brings an unprecedented ease and charm to the art of job placement as she helps service members and veterans transition back into civilian life.

Today, Lynda focuses on working directly with several private, corporate and government agencies to offer her creative staffing solutions to those who have graciously served our nation.


Sean McDermott

Founder of Windward Consulting Group. In addition to Windward, Sean was the Founder and CEO of RealOps, Inc., the pioneer in enterprise management Run Book Automation solutions which was acquired by BMC. Before starting Windward, Sean held senior positions with Predictive Systems and Booz Allen Hamilton.


Patrick Sweeney


Patrick has one mission – to help millions of people Find the Adventurer Within. He’s the first person to attempt Cycling the Seven Summits and he’s already set a world record by being the first person to officially cycle to Everest Base Camp.

Patrick is more than a full-time adventurer, however. He was 2nd in the Olympic trials in rowing and then went back to a top 5-business school where he discovered a knack for recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities. He started three international technology companies, wrote two books, was awarded seven patents and sold his companies for millions. After a rare form of leukemia nearly brought his world to an end he decided the void in his life was inspiration and adventure – he left technology behind to become a full-time adventurer and inspire others.

Patrick’s last summit, Kilimanjaro (#BikeKili), reached more than 10 million views from coverage in Outside Television and Outside Magazine, Red Bull Media, Bicycling Magazine, Inc magazine and others. With his unique background he understands how to drive a return on investment for sponsors while at the same time inspiring others no matter where they live, what they do or how old they are.


Wayne Zell


Wayne Zell’s extensive background as an attorney, CPA, and entrepreneur provide him a wealth of insight to his clients’ business operations and challenges.  For over 30 years, Wayne has counseled clients as an attorney, accountant, and business advisor in a wide range of industries, including technology, government contracting, real estate, retailing, and wealth management, with a special emphasis on tax and business planning. His clients also include for-profit and non-profit executives, service providers, and high-net worth individuals.

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Francesca Colantuno, RN, BSN, ND

PTSD Specialist

Francesca Colantuno is a holistic health care practitioner who embraces life and the people she serves with commitment, care and compassion. She received her bachelor’s degree from Adelphi University, Garden City, and New York. After practicing as a critical care nurse for several years she returned to school and earned her doctorate degree in Nutrition and Naturopathy in 1982. Dr. Colantuno has worked in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland in nursing, integrative medicine and transformational coaching since 1980.

Over the years Dr. Colantuno has expanded her practice and expertise focusing on the whole person. Her studies and work include stress management, addiction, energy work, degenerative physical and emotional illnesses and regenerative nutrition. She also functions as a group facilitator.

Dr. Colantuno has spent time in Veteran Centers working with victims of PTSD. In cooperation with other health care professionals she coordinates care and education to insure optimum choices and opportunities for her clients. She uses a combination of diagnostic and educational modalities and transpersonal coaching to foster wellness oriented lifestyle choices.


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